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Request for thoughts and expressions of interest to running a competition from July

To all club secs, captains and management committee members,

Given the restrictions that we have all been living by are gradually being lifted I thought it a good idea to float the idea of some form of a bowls competition.

Clearly any form of competition will need to fall in line with any restrictions that we will still need to follow. This is only a tentative enquiry at this stage, as we have no idea if there will be a further lockdown or we are released further from restrictions. The league will, under no circumstances put bowlers at any risk going forward, and there will be clear guidance on rules of play as laid down by bowls England.

I am aware that clubs have opened their greens to club bowlers albeit with strict rules. At this stage I am looking at the possibility of running a competition in some form from July, and running it through August and beginning of September, subject to all the conditions previously mentioned. Can you have a conversation with your members and get back to me with your thoughts. The next Government review is due on the 18th June, so if I could have a response from you by 21st June, that would be great. As I say this could well be taken out of our hands, but there is a possibility of getting some sort of bowling this year.

Once I know of any interested clubs I will discuss the way forward with the management committee, before making a final decision.

Best regards

K Nichols
Results and fixture sec

PS I acknowledge the decision already made by Cornard BC.

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