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Updated: SBBL - COVID-19


Revised statement from the League's Management Committee in response to recent Government measures

This statement supersedes the earlier version.

The SBBL management committee have been discussing the situation with regard to protecting the health of our members whilst, also, allowing matches to continue throughout the season.

Our sport is played, mainly, by people in the most at risk age group and we must do what is best to protect us all from infection.

At this stage in proceedings, the SBBL management committee think it most unlikely that the earlier league matches have any chance of being played and should be considered cancelled. It is, still, hoped that the situation may have improved enough for us to play the second half of the season starting on 3rd July and to consider that our full season as a ‘one off’ this year.

Of course, this is, in no way, guaranteed, but it gives us some hope and something to look forward to, rather than just cancelling the whole season at this early stage.

However, it is, also, to be recommended that the after game teas be dispensed with until the virus has fully passed.

This is, of course, a decision that the club must make itself in conjunction with the visiting teams.

It would seem that we are all at less risk while playing than we are congregating afterwards, however, it would seem that there is no reason why players cannot stay for a drink or any pre wrapped snacks to socialise in a sensible way at a safe distance.

It is suggested that, subject to individual club’s green preparation requirements, the season could be extended.

This will be discussed further by the committee.

As far as knock out matches are concerned, these should be played as per the handbook and but we will work on extending dates to be played so that all can be completed for the Finals Day. The finals Day may be staged later, but, this needs to be discussed by the committee.
Should a player not be willing or able to play, then, they must forfeit the match as they would should any other problem have affected them.

Large gatherings such as for the Buster Moore Trophy will be looked at closer to the time.

The above recommendations are suggested whilst the current level of infection is ongoing.

Should the situation deteriorate to an untenable position, then further steps may need to be taken as a ‘one off’ decision.

We should all follow the government suggestions with regard to staying safe and make sure that regular hand washing is paramount.

We hope the season will, still, be a success and that we all stay healthy.


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