1. All Competitions are played under SBBL rules except two trial ends of two woods are permitted before the match begins.  Where SBBL Rules or Competition rules do not apply Bowls England/World Bowls: The Laws of the Sport of Bowls apply.
    2. The first named player in the draw is the Challenger, who will have the choice of venue. He/she should, within 48 hours of receiving notification of the draw, offer his/her opponent two dates on which to play the match, giving three days clear notice. If a mutual agreement cannot be reached, the game will be played on the designated final date of the round.
    3. Dates on which a Steeple Bumpstead League or Cup fixture may not be offered. No other League or Cup will take preference over dates offered. Sundays and Bank Holidays may be used by mutual consent. Only one Saturday may be offered, but two weekdays may be offered.
    4. NO EXTENSION to the closing dates of any round of any Competition will be given.
    5. At the beginning of each round the Challenger will receive a card giving the name and telephone number of his/her opponent(s) who he/she should contact within 48 hours. If any player or team, having gained a place in the next round, has not been contacted by either a Challenger or the Competition Secretary within five days of the closing date of the previous round, they should contact the Competition Secretary.
    6. The winner of each match should IMMEDIATELY telephone the result to the Competition Secretary.  Within the next three days he/she should then return the correctly completed scorecard, signed by both skips or both players in the Singles.
    7. Substitutions: In Pairs and Triples Competitions a substitute may be used providing the substitute has not already played in the Competition. In the Mixed Pairs Competition the two players taking part in the first game shall constitute the original team and they normally play together throughout the Competition. One and the same male and/or one and the same female player may be used as a substitute, at any time, providing that they have not already played in the Competition.
    8. Each team shall enter two players/teams in each of the Competitions.
    9. In the Singles Competition use four woods and the winner is the first player to reach 21 shots. It is the responsibility of the Challenger to arrange for a marker.
    10. The pairs competition use four woods and will be played over 21 ends.
    11. The Triples Competition use three woods and will be played over 18 ends.
    12. The Two Wood Mixed Pairs Competition in which the pairs one male and one female, is to be played in a two set format, each set played over nine ends. The winner of each set will be the players with the most shots at the completion of the ninth end, the winner of the match being the best of two sets. If the scores are tied after the end of a set, the set is drawn. If the match is tied (two drawn sets or one set each) after the two sets have been completed, a best of three ends tiebreaker will be played to determine the winner. The match tiebreaker is decided by the winner of each end and not by the total numbers of shots won in the three ends. If at the completion of the deciding third end of a match tiebreaker, the scores are equal (one of the three ends being recorded as a "no shot") a fourth tiebreaker will be played. 
    13. General Rule 7 applies.

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